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sponsorship forms   There are some colleges which are providing sponsorship of some best  company, so you can go to their web site and fill their form right now    ANGLO EASTERN MARITIME COLLEGE:-                                                                                                           SPONSORSHIP FORM   TOLANI  MARITIME COLLEG ;-                                SPONSORSHIP FORM   SAMUNDRA MARITIME;-                              SPONSORSHIP FORM   IMI GREATER NOIDA;-                                   S PONSORSHIP FORM ARI DELHI;-                      SPONSORSHIP FORM   YOU CAN EASILY  FILL THEIR FORM THROUGH THEIR LINK   AND YOU CAN BUY MERCHANT NAVY PREPARATION BOOKS FROM HEAR  

Merchant navy free book

Merchant navy free book hear is the latest merchant navy book for you which will help you in imucet exam, in this book, there are lots of important question related to merchant navy and there are lots of question of physics, chemistry, and maths for practice  MERCHANT NAVY BOOK for medical examination check dg doctor near you hear is a list of doctor for you check it out  DG DOCTOR LIST And hear is world sea map which will help you to give an answer in sponsorship interview and for general purpose  WORLD  MAP and a free sample paper for merchant navy exam preparation download it for free from hear SAMPLE  PAPER Chemistry notes free pdf download it chemistry notes 

on-screen character from merchant Navy officer

Merchant Navy officer   to on-screen character:   Adith on how '24 Days' transformed him It takes massive mental fortitude and a solid portion of frenzy to leave a safe place and seek after your genuine calling. While following one's enthusiasm comes at a significant expense, many are presently days ready to get and make their own chances to do what their heart guides them to. The acting calling has seen numerous gifts who took up different employments before making an imprint in the reel world. Adith US, a Merchant Navy official, cherished film and needed to make films since youth. Pressing together his fantasies, Adith took a year's leave from his activity and was joined by his partner and companion Sreekanth EG to make a motion picture. Sreekanth coordinated the film Adith composed and played the lead. Titled 24 Days, Adith additionally assumed the lead job in the motion picture. As a feature of it's Thiruvananthapuram dis


MARITIME   ACCIDENT   NEWS UPDATE • British Capesiaze mass transporter ablaze in the Gulf of Aden • UAE tanker surrendered, floating in Arabian ocean UPDATE Photo • Disabled Turkish load dispatch took on tow, Aegean ocean • German tanker establishing, Sweden • Tanker establishing, Vung Tau • Aground and Not Under Command vessels Worldwide Alerts (2 boats) There is more news about MARITIME   ACCIDENT   NEWS   Debilitated Turkish load SHIP took on tow, Aegean ocean Maritime accident news UPDATE: Fire as indicated by the proprietor, ejected in a motor room and was smothered by the group in some 3.5 hours. Starting at 0800 UTC Jan 24, the mass bearer was impaired, floating, most likely towage required. UK-hailed Capesize mass bearer BW ACORN is accounted for ablaze, dispatch is debilitated, floating since around 2300 UTC Jan 23 in the Gulf of Aden. BW ACORN is on the way from Singapore to Suez. Mass bearer BW ACORN, IMO 9

Merchant navy uniform guide

Merchant navy uniform guide A uniform in any organization or workspace exists to promote uniformity and to defeat individuality a career in merchant ship is based on discipline and timeliness When it comes to ship operations teamwork is the most important aspect for making anyone safe insecure and mature Navy uniform helps in achieving the team mindset by promoting uniformity   Merchant Navy uniforms are also a matter of great fascination not just for those in the industry but also for those who have no clue what maritime professionals do or the industry is all about for many the uniform is not just two piece of plates but then experience and achievement and an attachment to an industry which has made them what they are today   However those who want to wear this uniform need to work hard to earn that privilege Let us understand much a navy uniform and its different aspects   What a maritime professional wears on board ships depend on type of the vessel and


Standard of Training Certification & Watch Keeping {STCW} Course complete details Authentication of Service (COS) - Background Area 80 (since canceled) of Merchant Shipping (MS) Act 1958 entitled Indian Naval official of the position of Lt in 'X' branch to be given with a Certificate of Service (COS) of Master of Foreign Going trader send with no assessment. So also, a Lieutenant in the Engineering Branch was entitled for COS of Chief Engineer of Foreign Going boats. This COS was equivalent in all regard to the Certificate of Competency (COC) which was given to dealer marine officials after they had passed recommended assessments.. The beginning of this Section of the Act depended on the comparable arrangements made in the United Kingdom with regards to the preparation and experience of the maritime officials and vital necessities of the country in the midst of crises and war. Global Maritime Organization (IMO) held a show in 1978 on the Standards of Training


MERCHANT NAVY COURSE WITH DETAILS About Merchant Navy  Shipper Navy can be the best field for those up-and-comers who need to win huge and going through seas for quite a long time doesn't trouble you. Vendor naval force is an armada of boats that is answerable for moving substantial products starting with one nation then onto the next. It is one of the basic pieces of worldwide exchange as the majority of the import and fare is done through boats.  A vocation in Merchant Navy can be generally useful on the off chance that you are searching for rewarding occupations. This field can be joined through various courses relying upon the inclination of the applicant. There are three methods of section into the field differing relying upon the courses that one looks for. Applicants can join Merchant Navy at any level beginning after class 10 to graduation.  Fields in Merchant Navy:  ·        B.Tech Marine Engineering  ·         B.Sc Nautical Science  ·        B.Tec


TYPES OF SHIPS IN DETAILS Current seagoing business vessels come in all shapes and measures and are intended to convey a wide assortment of cargoes. This article will endeavor to give a concise outline of the principle types that are handling the seas today and give some history about how each structure has developed. To start, the primary payload types ought to be characterized. For the reasons for this article, cargoes will be separated into dry, fluid and particular, with every one of these partitioned further into sub classes. Dry cargoes incorporate mass, general and breakbulk, compartments, reefer and Ro-Ro. Fluid cargoes are overwhelmingly oil based however may likewise incorporate synthetic concoctions and melted gasses. Specific cargoes incorporate travelers, domesticated animals and overwhelming lift/venture. Dry Cargo Ships: Verifiably, dry payload vessels were the pillar of the world's vendor armada. Known as general payload vessels, they would be


MERCHANT   NAVY   FACTS Few points which you should definitely consider before joining Merchant Navy a lot of people who wants to join Merchant Navy have some amount of doubts or as misconceptions regarding this field. The first point that you should keep in mind is salary Yes of course a lot of people think that the salary in merchant navy is hire or get somany higher pay packages than any other field so far it’s true that your salary     are way better in this field but the truth is that salaries have not increased since a long time and it has been a significant rise in the inflation as you want to know so the things are now can be bought at much higher price the things the something whatever the things that you need to buy from market those things are now getting water at a much higher price but the salaries have not increased since a decade   or so this suppose let's say one lakh   fees that you used to get in merchant navy 10 years back one lakh is used to me