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How you can join Merchant  Navy through these easy steps and earn high amount of salary

There  are  few  steps  through  which  you  can  join  merchant  navy1}You  have  to  clear  SPONSERSHIP exam  which  is  conduct  by  all  company  you  have  to  check  on  their  website   and  some company  comes  in  college  so  you  have  to  apply  in   college  also.  2} After  clearing  the  sponsorship  exam  you  have  to  appear  for  INTERVIEWand  then  you  have  to  give  medical test   which  is  conduct  by  DG  approve  doctor .
3}  There  is  a  exam  conduct  by  imu  called  IMUCET.  Which  is  conduct  twice  a  yea r first  in  June  month  and  second  in  December  you  have  to  clear  that  ,this  exam  is  compulsory  to   clear  the  stepping  stone  of  a  successful career in Merchant Navy so  pay attention as I told you that you must get sponsored before  joining college for marine engineering or another course relate
d to Merchant Navy for that matter so what do I mea…