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DNS VS Bsc nautical science which one is good


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 Student get confused about, should I go for DC nautical science which is a three-year course should I opt for DNS diploma in nautical science which is a one year course but I can go for glassing nautical science since I touch campus placements but no I should do DNS course which is a burn heal course and it is less expensive as compared to BSC nautical science but then again I have to go for sponsorship so these are some of the frequently asked doubts regarding should I go for BSC nautical science or DNS course this one huge misconception that if we go for DNS it is a one-year course and he will become third officers very soon know this is a very big misconception and I will prove

BSc nautical science VS DNS

the colleges in which you can apply to nowhere are very few qualities in basic articles and which you can apply to put the best colleges are the I am you and we Kalian maritime Institute in these children there are new chances of getting placed in the college itself and then for the DNS there are plenty of colleges in India for DNS you can apply to Imu can apply to ARI you can apply to Sims and to Great Eastern

now let's talk about specifically about DNS and BSC nautical science now if you pursue DNS from one of the Institutes's mentioned you have to do one year course in these institutes itself that is you have to spend two semesters in the Institute then for the next semester that is the third-semester fourth semester and fifth semester you are going to spending time onboard dish and you have to complete a distance learning program on board a ship now after you complete these 18 months onboard a ship then you again come back to the institute you appear for the exam and after clearing these exams you spent four months in the Institute for the preparatory courses for the second mates exam now after this preparatory courses you will get a second mates license after getting a second mate license you will go on both the ship as a third officer

now if you are pursuing your BSC nautical science then you have to spend six semesters in the Institute then you get the campus placements and after the campus placements you go onboard the ship for one year after going one good ship for one year you come to your computer advanced modular courses then you appear for your second mates exam and then you get promoted as the third officer, sponsorship is really important for DNS there's no requirement of sponsorship for the BSC nautical science as most of you and have this doubt that whether should we should go for sponsorship or not so if you are going for BSC nautical signs there is no requirement of sponsorship in BSC nautical science you get the campus placement if you go in good Institute’s which provide placements

 Now let's talk about the fees for BSc nautical science is from six lakh fifty thousand to fifteen lakhs and for DNS it is around 2 lakh fifty thousand to seven lakhs
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The age criteria

 For both of them is quite same that is 17 years to 25 years for getting admitted both of these courses you have to appear for an imucet exam

 Now let me prove it to you that this not a huge difference between DNS and BSc nautical science if in case of DNS now you complete your two semesters in the Institute’s then you are done in most of the companies there is a waiting period of three to four months so you wait for three to four months then you go on board the ship and you complete six months on board the ship then you are being come back and then again there's a waiting period of three four five months depending upon the vacancies of that company then you again go on board for six months then you come back from the ship then you again wait for three four five months and depending upon day we can see in the ship then you again go back for six months so in this way you have all reduced spend six that is 18 months plus 3+3+3+ that is nine months so you can take it roughly one year so it's 18 months plus one year that is 28 months and you already spent twelve months in the Institute so it's around 40 months and then you again come back you appear for your exams you go for your preparatory courses so all these totals up to a  for your so in case of DNS from four years

now coming back to BSC nautical science course if you do the BSc nautical science course you will be completing three years of your course in the Institute after this you have to wait again for four to five months at home and then you go onboard the ship to complete six months again come back to bed for three to four months and again those six months of sailing so for12 months of sailing now this takes on four and a half years so now you see there is not a huge difference between DNS and BSC nautical science case of DNS so you complete your course and appear for new second meat example or yours but in case of BSC nautical science you appear for your second mates exam after four and a half years so there is only a difference of six months and if you are lucky enough you will be able to complete within four years but if you have to wait for long if your company makes you wait for now then it will take more time and you it will be compatible with the BSC nautical science course

now if you do your DNS course you will be practically more strong this might not be applicable for everyone but if you have done three ships of the one year course in your institute you get practically more stronger as in case of BSc nautical science your theory will be very strong and depending upon an individual he if he picks up very fast then he can learn a lot of things in two ships and he will be theoretically Plus practically very strong so both have their advantages and disadvantages. It totally depends upon an individual you can be theory and practically strong in both of the cases but generally this has been the trend in the industry also by doing the Dns course there is one upper hand that you will be earning in three of the ships it’s not sad it's called stipend but still this stipend is good enough and in each of this should dispatch stipend might increase by 50 to 100 dollars so you will be earning around about 500 to600 dollars per ship where is in case of BSC nautical science you will be spending your time in the institute you will be earning after three years

so again it depends upon you whichever you want to choose I'm just presenting the facts in front of you so that it might be easy for you to choose between these two depending upon your priorities IMU have started a new provision that if you have completed your DNS and if you are not getting ship on board then you might change to BSC  nautical science yes there's a lateral entry from DNS if you're not getting a ship you have completed one year of your DNS then you can literally enter in the BSC nautical science course in this second year 
For sponsorship details, you can check out 

so, friends, this was all about the information on BSC nautical science VS DNS course I hope I have cleared most of your doubts regarding this topic and if you still have some doubts you can please comment on my comment section and ask me  if you want to have any conversation with me you can also DM me on Instagram
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