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Few points which you should definitely consider before joining Merchant Navy a lot of people who wants to join Merchant Navy have some amount of doubts or as misconceptions regarding this field.

The first point that you should keep in mind is salary

Yes of course a lot of people think that the salary in merchant navy is hire or get somany higher pay packages than any other field so far it’s true that your salary   are way better in this field but the truth is that salaries have not increased since a long time and it has been a significant rise in the inflation as you want to know so the things are now can be bought at much higher price the things the something whatever the things that you need to buy from market those things are now getting water at a much higher price but the salaries have not increased since a decade  or so this suppose let's say one lakh  fees that you used to get in merchant navy 10 years back one lakh is used to mean lot at that time but in today's date those 1 lakh rupees are not that much of value to be really honest so inflation has raised a lot but the salaries have not so keep this thing in my still the same result that's pretty much better than any other feed most of the other field

 The number two point is communication

lot of people have this now that how do you communicate once you go onboard ship, how do you communicate with the rest of the world, how do you get and the answer to that question is you cannot have an normal call you cannot have your local SIM  on the ship and you cannot just call your friends like you call on the land you do have satellite phone  on ship, on the ship you can make satellite calls or some companies also provide internet for free so you can also make internet calls  like whatsap call , video call that you can also use whatsapp chatting and all those facilities that are provided  to you by the company but one thing to keep in mind is that a lot of companies charge you for getting the internet if you want to get the internet that you have to pay the money to the company and in this scenario the internet is way too much expensive like they give around 100 mb  for like  to $15 this is way too expensive and your money the money which you have earned from your hard work working on all that money goes into just Internet of 100 MB and there is definitely no use ,this is also the thing to keep in mind you cannot communicate like you communicate on land all that there is no network on ship ,you can buy a new SIM card as you go on some port and then you can communicate with a family as much as you want to you can make normal calls but as long as you are on ship this is definitely a problem

 The third point is shore leaves

A  lot of people think that the field is so much attention adventurous and we get lots and lots of shore leave and you travel across the world and you will get to see the new places but the truth is this is not the scenario nowadays the world is moving so much faster than it was before the ships are travelling so much faster the ships are staying at the port for very less amount of time and the vessels like VLCC and ULCC these ships will not come to the port only ,this is also one more thing to keep in mind now

The next point is long vacations

 A lot of people think that you get so many long vacations or so many months but yes we do get known vacations but there is also one thing to keep in mind as that we need to clear the exams in order to get promoted right so in doing these vacations also we need we need to study it’s not like you come on a vacation and think we can roll around here and there for months yes you get long vacations you can make use of that you can make significant use of that you can do as many things that you want to do in those locations so it is definitely a nice thing but you need to clear your exam so you need to study for that as well so the vacations aren't really the vacations completely vacation because you need to study in that also

The next point is it is a contractual job

 This job of which merchant navy is a contract based. Contract means for example you are in a company and that company has put  you on a ship on contract then you are with that company only for a single contract there is no guarantee that this company will take you again on their ship yes you read it right there is no guarantee at all but if you are in good company and you have a good significant good performance on your ship if your remarks are good from the chief engineer and second engineer then they are definitely the chances that you will get second opportunity in that company and so on again and again so you need to make sure that you work harder worship and your work is definitely should speak for you so this thing you should also keep in mind that it's not that once you have got the job in any company .company hires you only for the contract it doesn't hire you for years anything so one more thing to keep in mind

 Next thing is food,

 A lot of people think that there must be lots of foods on board ship yes I’m not saying I'm not saying that there isn’t lot of food on ship we really get a huge amount of food like fish and mutton and there  are lots of lots of different types of non-veg food that we carry onboard ship like milk and all that lots of vegetarian food also we should we carry on board ship but the thing here to remember is that if you are in a foreign flag vessel and there are so many people of different nationalities on your ship then it is very difficult for the vegetarian people to stay bigger there is very less food for them to eat and even the chief cook they do not cook much of vegetarian food on board ship ones if the majority of the crew or what ship are from different nationalities so this is also one more thing to keep in mind but if you have an Indian crew majority of crew  India then you might get or you will get good amount of Indian food also but for no vegetarians this is definitely would be like there is a lot of different quantities of non-veg food available or would ship in abundance so you can eat as much as you want

The next point is getting a job

lot of people think that once they go into a maritime Institute they will definitely get a job why this is not the scenario today’s time there is a lab of job in the market the market conditions are not really nice people aren’t getting the job there are huge number of people who are searching for job in this industry but the number of jobs are just are so less so keep this thing in mind before you join Merchant Navy that number of jobs nowadays are very less as compared to earlier so

 The next point is medical care

 There is no certified doctor onboard ship yes there is a certified officer which means needs to take care of all the medicalrequirements on board ship like which medicines should be kept on board ship and when to give these medicines to which person so these things are being taken care of by generally by second officer but the thing is that he is not a certified doctor yes he cannot perform surgery on someone if something happens in the middle of the sea so this thing also should be kept in mind that you should  keep your safety standards of two marks so that nothing happens to you because there is no doctor on board ship

Next point is less number of crew

 Yes you heard it right there are so many machine on ship .There  is hundreds of hundreds of machineries on board ships which needs to be taken care of every single day but the number of people who are operating those machine these are four or five just four or five person and the ship in itself is a huge machinery which needs to be done and how many people are there on board ship you don’t run that ship only four to five person yes this is it the number of people working on board ship are nowadays very  less and thus the work stress comes to those very less people, this means that you nowadays have to work a lot because there are less number of people and if you fall sick someday then the jobs of that person also should be done back you because jobs cannot be kept do so you need to keep in mind you need to work every single day on board ship there is no Sunday onward ship every day is Monday and you need to work like that so these were a few of the points that you need to keep in mind before joining merchant navy

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