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Merchant navy uniform guide

Merchant navy uniform guide

A uniform in any organization or workspace exists to promote uniformity and to defeat individuality a career in merchant ship is based on discipline and timeliness

When it comes to ship operations teamwork is the most important aspect for making anyone safe insecure and mature Navy uniform helps in achieving the team mindset by promoting uniformity

 Merchant Navy uniforms are also a matter of great fascination not just for those in the industry but also for those who have no clue what maritime professionals do or the industry is all about for many the uniform is not just two piece of plates but then experience and achievement and an attachment to an industry which has made them what they are today

 However those who want to wear this uniform need to work hard to earn that privilege

Let us understand much a navy uniform and its different aspects

 What a maritime professional wears on board ships depend on type of the vessel and the nature of work he or she performs for example a marina working on ships deck or in the engine room will rear a boiler suit along with high visibility west or safety accessories such as gloves helmet safety shoes etc.

Officer uniform on a cruise ship might differ a bit as compared to those worn on a merchant vessel the idea of a particular uniform for the seafarers working on merchant vessels was introduced in the 20th century especially after the First World War

 Initially officers and other crewmembers on board a merchant ship were allowed to choose their clothes according to their choices according to historical documents there was no official uniform for maybe until 1918 when the British Board of Trade introduced it for the first time it is said that uniforms became part of the culture of Merchant Navy after the passenger ships introduced systems of stripes and badges to identify its crew member from fellow travelers

 The system also helped to identify officers from other crewmembers such as seamen or ratings apart from helping to identify the ranks of seafarers the uniform also talked about the responsibilities of crew members and brought more discipline into their job the shining applets on the shoulders reflected the responsibilities are formed at different times and other achievement of the Seafarer

Though the culture of uniform aboard the commercial vessels continued until 1970s the later years witnessed people moving away from such formal characteristics especially in case of merchant vessels while the crew working on board essential vessels continued to be dressed up in the uniforms and other commercial vessels focused more on operational capabilities making other sophisticated elements optional

 At the same time Merchant Navy gab badges were also issued in Britain in terms of insignia uniforms with full golden stripes are meant for deaf officers while engineer officers will have golden stripes with purple color in-between on the uniform

 The gold stripes with green color and red color are being used on the uniforms of electrical officers and medical officers respectively the electrical officer wears the same stripe as that of a third engineer or a second officer the crew working as the chief steward or in the hospital , the Department will have golden stripes with white color background in cruise ships at the same time the Merchant Navy uniforms that features stripes with diamond and only be used by officers having the certificate of competency or COC

However the feature on merchant navy dress display slight differences from country to country known as Merchant Navy insignia these designs were first issued for the merchant named in 1940s by office of Admiralty and marine Affairs Britain however nowadays the color differentiation is not given that much of importance in cargo ships as there are few crew members and only the number of stripes are used by both deck and engine department to differentiate the ranks

Deck officers working on merchant ship usually wear a white shirt and a black trouser with appearance according to their rank when on ships bridge accommodation or mess area the uniforms accompanied with black former shoes and a pullover or sweatshirt during cold condition

 The cap also known as P cap is a black hood with a white top having an anchor symbol while working on deck or during cargo operations neck officer can be usually seen wearing a boiler suit along with other personal protective equipment

Rating from the tech department also wear the same boiler suit and safety shoes in a cruise ship the ship officers usually wear white shirt and white pants instead of black pants that are worn in cargo ship when working on bridge or navigational watch mostly even the boiler suits in cruise ships are identical

 As everyone from the Indian Department spends most of the time in the engine room working with machineries they are therefore always in volumes except when they are in the officers mess or on the bridge though during lunch hours they can be allowed to have food in borders because of time constraint

The formal uniform of engineer officers is the same as that of attack officers however the epaulets change according to the rank engineer officers appearance also have purple color in between stripes they also have a symbol of propeller whereas those of deck officers have an anchor the B cap is same as that of the deck department

 The engine room ratings also mainly wear boiler suits and safety overall as mentioned earlier ratings belongs both to deck and engine departments usually where boiler suits during workouts the cook and the steward of the catering department will mainly wear a white shirt black trousers and formal black shoes or safety shoes along with the safety apron if working in the galley has been practiced across all the workplaces the crew aboard the cruise vessels are allotted separate uniforms according to their ranks and jumps

 The uniform of cruise vessels crew members sometime also displays the company cabbage and other badges that are popular in use for merchant vessels crew on special occasions such as launch of new vessel naming ceremony or your delivery of a new ship etc. the crew will usually wear a usual formal uniform along with suit or a blazer on top

 The hands of the Blazer or soon will have stripes on it indicating the rank of the individual officer today the uniform and other dress codes that Merchant Navy officers follow have changed immensely the uniforms design has improved much and of course the fascination of you to be a part of that community has also increased in a noticeable level


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