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Standard of Training Certification & Watch Keeping {STCW} Course complete details

Authentication of Service (COS) - Background

Area 80 (since canceled) of Merchant Shipping (MS) Act 1958 entitled Indian Naval official of the position of Lt in 'X' branch to be given with a Certificate of Service (COS) of Master of Foreign Going trader send with no assessment. So also, a Lieutenant in the Engineering Branch was entitled for COS of Chief Engineer of Foreign Going boats.

This COS was equivalent in all regard to the Certificate of Competency (COC) which was given to dealer marine officials after they had passed recommended assessments.. The beginning of this Section of the Act depended on the comparable arrangements made in the United Kingdom with regards to the preparation and experience of the maritime officials and vital necessities of the country in the midst of crises and war.

Global Maritime Organization (IMO) held a show in 1978 on the Standards of Training, Certification and Watch keeping for sailors (STCW-78) which prescribed numerous adjustments in the preparation of sailors with the view to improving wellbeing adrift and keep pace with changing exchange necessities, transport plans and so on. Utilizing STCW-78 as a plausible excuse, DG Shipping got the MS Act changed by the Government on 14 Aug 86 bringing about cancellation of Section 80. While making the revision it was explained that the change would not have any significant bearing to any COS allowed or perceived under the chief Act before this date. The COS gave preceding this date, hence, kept on staying substantial. Numerous ex-maritime officials qualified till date have been effectively cruising on trader dispatches in different limits on the quality of COS.

Naval force Limited Examination (NLE)

COS holders who wished to get COC as Master (FG) were required to finish Navy Limited Examination (NLE), comprising of Four papers, trailed by an Oral Exam. In Three of the papers IN officials showed up alongside vendor naval officials. Just one paper on Cargo Work and Ship Maintenance was held independently for our officials as this subject was secured for vendor marine officials in First Mate test. The NLE was halted with impact from end 98 due to new STCW rules.

MS Notices for STCW-95 Certificate of Competency

Another show of IMO on STCW was held in 1995. In light of the proposals of the show, Government brought into power Merchant Shipping (STCW) 98 Rules from 01 Aug 98. These guidelines have made the Certificate of Service invalid from 01 Feb 2002 rendering most ex-naval officials ineligible to serve on shipper ships. The principles have made change of COS to COC mandatory for proceeded with work of maritime officials on ships past 01 Feb 2002.

The DG Shipping utilized these guideline to realize changes that were focused on explicitly at maritime officials. He brought into power MS Notice 2/2000 which was later supplanted by MS Notice No. 04/2001 for Executive Branch officials and No. 06/2001 for Engineering Branch officials. These MS Notices endorsed 2-24 weeks instructional classes followed by Written and Oral assessments for COS holders to get STCW-95 agreeable COC. Then again COC holders could make their endorsements STCW-95 agreeable by experiencing just a multi week secluded course with no assessment.

NHQ has challenged this separation at different gatherings at all levels in the Government. NHQ has been examining the issue with DG Shipping since May 99. In this manner separate gatherings have been held by Cabinet Secretary and Defense Secretary. Indeed, even Minister of Shipping has been moved toward specifically looking for a reasonable arrangement for maritime officials.

In the interim in end 2000, some ex-maritime officials holding COS had recorded an appeal in Mumbai High Court against unfair requests of DG Shipping. As the High Court choice was discovered ominous, the officials have as of late documented an appeal in Supreme Court. The following hearing is planned for end Nov 2002.

Status as on End May 2002

DG Shipping has vide MS Notice No. 02/2002, expanded the date of execution of STCW-95 by a half year, viz. upto 31 Jul 2002. All COS will stay substantial even on Foreign Going boats till this date.

COS holders will keep on getting business installed ships utilizing inside Indian waters including OSV, MSV and so on past 31 Jul 2002 as per MS Notice No. 05/2001.

Next hearing in the Supreme Court working on this issue for status of COS is planned on 26 Nov 2002. Ideally this will be the last hearing and no delay might be finished.

COS holders can get COC by experiencing instructional classes in LBS CANCAR, Mumbai and passing MMD assessments in applicable subjects as per MS Notices Nos. 04/2001 and 06/2001, as pertinent. Nonetheless, it is fitting to hang tight for Supreme Court choice.

For acquiring COC, Executive Branch officials with under a half year experience on dealer ships are require to go to both Phase-1 and Phase-2 of Master and First Mate preparing in LBS CAMCAR, Mumbai. The all out length works out to 4 months. Officials join Phase-1and are moved to Phase-2 following one month. Stage 1 preparing begins from 15 Mar, 15 Jun, 15 Sep and 15 Dec and Phase-2 beginnings from 15 Apr, 15 Jul, 15 Sep and 15 Jan.

The all out expense for each period of preparing is Rupee 7250/ - for Maritime Education Trust (MMERT) and Rupee 5550/ - to LBS, Mumbai. As maritime officials experience just a single month preparing in Phase-1, there might be a few concessions by LBS.

Advance Shipboard Management Course begins from 15 May, 15 Jul, 15 Sep and 15 Nov. The charge for the course is Rupee 1850/ - to Trust and Rupee 3750/ - to LBS.

STCW Courses Policy on Undergoing by Naval Officers

The Indian Navy is making all significant abdominal muscle initio preparing STCW-95 agreeable as per the guidelines set somewhere around the worldwide Maritime Organization.

The issue of extra preparing for serving maritime officials to meet the STCW-95 standards has been under assessment at HNQ. It has been chosen to profit the current STCW-95 preparing offices offered by approved oceanic foundations, as impromptu courses under Minor Head 800(f)(i), for set number of meriting officials consistently. Approach rules overseeing the terms and conditions for officials to experience these courses are as per the following

Courses. The officials my choose the accompanying STCW courses

·       Pre Sea and Modular Courses.

·       Competency II/I Mate (Phase I and Phase II)/Equivalent MEO courses.

·       Advance Shipboard Management Course.


·       Changeless Commission Officers of (X) and (E) branches with least 15 years of administration.

·       SSC Lt/Lt Cdr (X) and (E) with least eight years of administration.

·       Three years of remaining help on consummation of courses as per NO (Str) 9/94.

·       Medical Category : Not beneath S2A2.

·       Application and choice. Applications from qualified officials for experiencing the courses are to be submitted to NHQ/DOP through AAs for determination as per N0 (Star) 9/94 in the wake of finding out the expense of preparing Selected cases relying upon administration exigencies will be sent to DNT for additional handling. Officials would be required to give an endeavor to serve to in any event three years on finishing of the course.

·       Discount of Training Charges. In case of an official looking for pre-experienced retirement before the expiry time of three years or in the event of disappointment in the course, full expense of preparing will be recuperated.

·       Preparing Institutions. With respect to as conceivable these courses are to be profited at the closest Maritime Institutions appropriately endorsed by GOI/Director General of Shipping, where Basic and Specialist courses are led routinely.

·       Employability. The official on finishing the STCW Courses might be utilized in appropriate billets, for example, of COFYs, NCSOs, Work-Teams, preparing schools/foundations and so forth.

·       Costing of Training. The expense of instructional class (charge) would be paid to lthe concerned preparing establishment straightforwardly by CDA (Navy) under the pertinent money related guidelines. The duty of raising the essential unexpected bill would rest with the official concerned. The expense of courses would be paid from the assets distributed to NHQ/DNT towards 'Short/Adhoc Courses' - under Minor Head 800(f)(i). A duplicate of test unexpected bill is set at walled in area.


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